About us

Amoria blends and explores the borderlines between classic and popular music, from XV century till today.  

Music from Catalonia, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Chile, México, Argentina, etc; classic authors or popular tradition interweaves transcending periods, styles, languages, places and creators.

Amoria has played from 2005 at several festivals and concert halls, as the Associació de Mestres Directors, Cripta from the Sagrada Familia, Monasteri de Sant Pau del Camp, Centros Cívicos Golferichs, Riera Blanca, Les Corts, Casal Can Travi, Miquel Llobet Guitar Festival, Emili Pujol Festival y Societat Bach at Barcelona; at the Universitat of Valencia, at the Sala Julián Carrillo from Radio UNAM and the Sala Carlos Chávez at México, or the Sala América from National Library at Santiago de Chile, among many others.

Established originally as a duo by Teresa Rojas, Voice and Raúl Sandin, Guitar, today includes Violeta Paulina Sánchez, Violín and Laeticia Barbera, mandolina.